My subject matter is the ever-evolving human process of being. Inside the studio I focus on human characteristic, emotion and action. I think about impact, relationships, drive, spirit, consciousness, connectedness, identity. I use the painting process to methodically let go. I honor, I wonder, I try, I make mistakes. (I also paint commissions, see right, Oats & Hall for Brian, 2013

In my emerging 3D and public work I think about the active human body and mind as the moving parts. I design sculptures and spaces to encourage all age play and maximize the value of moments of togetherness. I want to inspire a break from routine, a slowing down from fast-paced life, an experience, a meeting-space, a destination.


I believe in the practical application of the artistic process as it relates to creative problem solving, relationship building, identity formation, conflict resolution, community engagement and city planning. 


I specialize in bringing diverse collaborators together around a common goal. I facilitate all scale projects for neighborhood groups, private and public entities. 


Cezanne said, 'I love to paint people who have grown old naturally in the country.' And I say, I love to paint people who have been torn to shreds by the rat race...

Alice Neel

In 2005, without any premeditated intention on my behalf, I changed.


On April 9th, 2005, I began hugging stronger & longer, I began choosing friends and family over extra work, I started telling people what they mean to me, I started shamelessly showing my emotions and appreciating that I could, I began moving slower and looking longer, I started noticing smells and their connection to long-forgotton memories, I started valuing moments over things, I grew a wonder-lust for strangers; a new empathetic curiosity for what they'd lived through, I stopped counting dollars, I became less dependent on the grand plan and more focussed on contentment in the present, I began thinking about opportunity over obligation, I redefined success, I ditched my engineering coursework to study art, I started painting...