more about bikro-economy

Bike-ro Economy represents a start, a pilot project- that community members could drive, or pedal rather, into the future! The intention behind the work is to bring the street-vending energy reminiscent of Central and South American cityscapes to the streets of Saint James while boosting the local economy and infusing extra adventure into rural life.


Whether users are interested in starting a business and they want to test their products and process or they have a project goal in mind they want to fund, Bike-ro Economy will be offered to the public on a first come first serve basis. If successful, it can be a mechanism to demonstrate to future developers that the Saint James economy is growing and worthy of investment.

The project is intentionally process heavy and necessitates community-civic partnership on many levels. From a mile-high view Bike-ro Economy is a creative strategy that (I hope) will result in: greater economic opportunity, greater cross-cultural relationship networks, greater access to civic process for all (independent of english language ability), greater ability to navigate small business licensing and food safety requirements, greater organization among local leaders that leads to more resources for Saint James residents in a rural space short of non-profit service organizations.