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Why community-based public art?


I believe in the importance and benefit of coming together. The collective mind fosters better goals, better processes, and better outcomes than any one could cultivate. I harness the synergy inherent to the the collaborative art process and wield it as an antidote for modern life.


What do you mean by community?


Community is a loose referent applicable to any group that interacts. It can refer to a mix of stakeholders in any given landscape or setting. An incomplete list of possible entities that could benefit from a community-based art project: schools, work places, cities, neighborhoods, churches, housing agencies and other social service NPO's, campuses, and/or a cross-sector collaboration of all the aforementioned.


What range of groups do you work with? 


Examples of the range of projects I facilitate:

  • retreat-style, creative visioning processes that results in dynamic works of art that speak to organizational goals, strategic plans or shared missions

  • large scale community projects centered around overcoming challenges, creating a shared community identity, bringing disparate groups together, issue-based organizing, and more

  • space based projects, in traditional and non-traditional settings



Where do we start? How does a project materialize?


We start with an introduction/information sharing meeting. A project often begins with a reoccurring inclination, idea, issue, opportunity, or desire. I work with clients to: outline goals, develop a timeframe, identify possible stakeholders, establish a creative framework and envision what a potential manifestation of a project would look like.

Sometimes the starting place is obvious: “there is a 2500 square foot wall that runs through our neighborhood, it attracts graffiti and litter and other unwanted behavior. Also, our neighborhood is largely divided between longtime homeowners and a somewhat transient student population, these two groups don't always see eye to eye.. we were thinking about a community mural”

Other times, an organizational leader reaches out because they are interested in a creative team-building, and- there's a office foyer space screaming for a work of art.. (imagine with me) What if everyday, upon entering the office, workers walked into a beautiful, intriguing space they helped manifest? Meanwhile, waiting potential clients read the plaque on the wall that details the participants & process. Clients gleam a remarkable first impression: this business is integral, they invest in their staff- & wow?! Their staff must really be invested too, look at this!


What if I have people already on staff that could serve as project leaders? 


Great!! I welcome all to the collaborative table. Larger projects benefit from an onsite team or community steering committee that is interested in administering project aspects beyond normal participation. Depending on the needs and duration of the project, the aforementioned groups naturally develop from outreach work. 


How long does the process take? 


All project aspects are client sized. The process can be glorified or simplified depending on client needs.


How much does it cost?


Clients are billed hourly. Grants are available for work with non-profit organizations. I work with non-profit clients to identify and secure potential funding.



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