The Gateway Mural Project was a community based effort to draw together the many constituents of the Marcy Holmes, SE Como, and University District neighborhoods to collaboratively create a mural that represents the diverse and vibrant identity of these neighborhoods. 


Location: 800 block of 15th ave SE, Minneapolis MN.


The project harnessed the power of the artistic process as a catalyst for community building. Participants were given the opportunity to form organic relationships by working together to create an image representative of their communal identity.


The project team consisted of Artists Carly Schmitt and Sara Udvig, South East Como Improvement Association staff, and students from the University of Minnesota led by Ryan Pusch. The team hosted eight community design workshops throughout June and July 2012. Workshops generated imagery that was incorporated into the final community design. Throughout September 2012, artists led community members in the painting of the 762 sq m mural. From start to finish the project engaged over 200 diverse participants representing all cross-sections of the neighborhoods.

gateway community mural project 2012