Painter and Muralist Guinevere Wollmering and I worked with students and staff at the Ronald M. Hubbs Center to create a mural representative of the vibrant community at the Hubbs. We held a design workshop to get students thinking and worked with staff to make sure everyone had a chance to contribute. The response was positively overwhelming! Many new-immigrant, English-language-learning adults attend the Hubbs Center. The mural process offered students an opportunity to communicate and express themselves without words or the struggle associated with speaking a new language. The student art submissions were intricate, thoughtful, and compelling. The final design for Community Here was a product of: story telling, student art submissions and workshop rendered elements. Students, staff, their families and friends came together to paint the mural in June of 2013. 


Thematically, the mural speaks to the past and present of students lives, centralizing on the richness of present community as it is informed by processes of immigration, diverse cultural tradition, and overcoming obstacle.


Location: Hubbs Center Entryway, 1030 University Ave W, St Paul, MN 55104

community here, 2013

an irrigate corridor collaboration