.. (sigh) .. Who does something this #vial? As a project artist, I am sad, and frustrated that they did this, my frustration is compounded because they didn't choose an easy part to refurbish.

But hey- I am also encouraged to realize how close I am to the community members, I feel more slighted for them. I may have facilitated, designed & directed, but my sense of ownership, pride, accomplishment, that's all shared...we, not me.

Major mural projects often begin with simple foundational goals. At the top of the list of most community investors, property owners & city officials: to detour graffiti. This project goal is almost always a slam dunk.

Because most street artists are respectable stinkers.

Whether on not we appreciate their impact, they are part of contemporary art. AND!, there is amazing stuff coming from the night working, vigilante sector of the art community! Never-mind that permits, permission and red-tape often impact the work and the artists in ways that could be expounded upon in an independent blog (maybe another day.) The reason most graffiti artists refrain from #vial acts like the one pictured below, is that by tagging, one is essentially laying claim. Ironically, the Gateway Community Mural Project was created to give local folks a chance to do just that! It's a serious #bumr that some don't give ample consideration to all the people their actions affect. Furthering the irony, the gateway mural site was transformed by community members from a dirty, dim, eyesore to a space that is (if nothing else) more pleasant & more walkable.

The bright side of this random act of vialness: it offers a chance to reconnect with the beautiful South East Como & Marcy Holmes community members.

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